How to Become a Millionaire: All You Need

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Almost one in every four of us expects to be worth a million pounds at some point, and for a lot of people, it’s not out of the question. Being a millionaire is no longer as easy as it once was. It’s still a lot of money, but it’s no longer an unfathomable amount of money. There are various options for getting back on track. Inflation has reduced the value of a million pounds. 

Through a mix of income increases, home price increases, and investment growth, inflation has also brought £1 million within reach of considerably more people. As a result, nearly half of those aged 18 to 34 hope to become millionaires by the age of 50, with a third expecting to do so by the age of 50.

In this article, we will be discussing what it means to be a millionaire in the United Kingdom. Steps on how to become a millionaire, quick ways to become a millionaire and how long it takes to become one 

What Makes Someone a Millionaire?

Let’s begin with a disclaimer: a million pounds isn’t what it used to be.

With each passing day, it becomes easier to become a millionaire, thanks to factors such as inflation. And for many aspiring millionaires, wealth is more about lifestyle and not having to worry about money than it is about having a large bank account.

You don’t have to have a million pounds in the bank to live like a millionaire. The vast majority of millionaires do not. But to become a millionaire, you must stay on top of your finances and investments!

Being a millionaire might imply a variety of things. This course will essentially chart out a feasible way to increase your wealth by over £1,000,000.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Million?

Becoming a millionaire does not happen suddenly; rather, it takes a significant amount of time, effort, and patience. As a result, even if they do everything correctly, it never happens for some people.

It is estimated that it will take a person around 19 years to become a millionaire and achieve financial freedom. 

If you want to speed things up, having a smart investing strategy and a thorough understanding of personal finance can help you become a millionaire much faster, but it all depends on a variety of circumstances.

These elements are as follows:

  • How much capital do you have to invest?
  • What and where do you invest?
  • How daring you are with risk
  • What kind of personal guidance are you getting?
  • What are your financial objectives? 
  • How much do you know about the subject?
  • How eager are you to improve your money mindset?

How Do You Become a Millionaire in the United Kingdom?

As previously stated, there is no guarantee that you will become a millionaire, but here are some fundamental guidelines to get you started.

According to the current Statista study, only 2.5 million people in the UK are regarded as millionaires; even fewer are termed ISA millionaires, which number only over 1900.

However, becoming a millionaire anywhere on the globe, including the United Kingdom, requires a great deal of luck, hard work, and talent. It is critical to understand that nothing will happen until you are committed to making this idea a reality.

#1. Make Goals and a Plan to Achieve Them 

Goals are excellent, but without a plan to reach them, they are just dreams. Setting objectives might be difficult. For starters, to reach the goal, you will frequently have to step outside of your comfort zone. 

Second, our goals are usually lofty, and we may have to work quite hard to obtain them. Oh, the horrors. No matter how hard you try, no one is going to hand you £1 million.

Declaring your desire to become a millionaire by the age of 30 is one thing; breaking down the stages required and then arranging to attain them is quite another. It may be liberating, and when you realise you have a plan with targets, it feels a lot more attainable.

#2. Budgeting and Self-Control 

Budgeting is the foundation for gaining financial independence. We will never be able to become millionaires if we spend more than we make. However, the more we invest, the faster we will become millionaires.

Spending money on things that are important to you can help you reduce or eliminate spending on other items. Recognise the concept of delayed gratification and recognise that any spending now is stealing from your future self.

#3. Begin Early 

Compound interest, time in the market, or the amount of time you have investments working for you is the greatest multiplier of wealth. While your objective may seem so distant in the future that it’s nearly inconceivable, I guarantee you’ll never look back at age 60 and regret saving for your future.

John is 20 years old and has decided that he wants to become a millionaire someday. He has carefully planned his budget and will be able to invest £3650 a year in an index fund that he expects to return 8.5% per year. With only this amount spent each year, he would be a millionaire by the age of 59.

Jack is 40 years old. He has no other savings but has decided he wants to be a millionaire by the age of 59. Based on John’s investment strategy and 8.5% returns, Jack would need to save roughly £22,500 each year to become a millionaire by the age of 59.

To obtain the same effect, Jack would have to invest more than six times the amount that John would. START NOW is the moral of the story.

#4. Invest 

Investing is like boosting your funds with rocket fuel. Yes, if you work hard enough, you can become a millionaire. However, if you invest your money and let it work for you, it will grow faster due to compound interest and growth. Investing also combats inflation and safeguards your genuine wealth.

#5. Put Money in an ISA 

The UK government has generously offered incentives for tax-paying UK people to save in a tax-efficient manner. An ISA, or Individual Savings Account, is a type of savings or investment account that allows you to put your after-tax money to work for you. The money in the ISA wrapper grows tax-free.

The current maximum you may pay into an ISA is £20,000 per year, yet doing so frequently and early can allow you to become an ISA millionaire.

#6. Contribute to a Workplace Pension or Sipp 

A few years ago, the UK government implemented “Auto Enrolment” into workplace pensions, in which employees are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme through their employer. Employers and employees both contribute to this.

Take advantage of your employer’s pension match. It’s free money for you, and your pay won’t change. You double your pension contributions up to the match! For every pound you contribute to your pension, you save on income tax. Why don’t you?

Open a SIPP if you’re self-employed or want pension options. You can’t withdraw SIPP or workplace pension savings until the state pension age. This gives your investments more time to grow, increasing your chances of becoming a millionaire.

#7. Make an Investment in Yourself

One of the most crucial things you can do to become a millionaire is to invest in yourself regularly. Learning new abilities and broadening your knowledge will allow you to exploit this both inside and outside of the workplace. Focusing on the constant improvement of your abilities and knowledge will provide you with several options.

#8. Get a Well-Paying Job and Put in the Effort

It’s easy to stay in your current job and plod through life doing just enough. To excel, however, you must do what others are unwilling to do. This is not unethical behaviour, but a rather hard effort.

Upskilling and taking on more responsibility will allow you to quickly advance up the job ladder. Moving employers may also help with this.

A job for life has not vanished, but as an employer, the stigma of millennials changing jobs frequently is no longer a thing.

#9. Start a Business and Put In More Effort

Start a business only when you are ready, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do on your journey to becoming a millionaire. Unless you’re creating a lifestyle business, be prepared to work long and hard hours. You should enjoy practically every minute of running my own company. 

#10. You Should Diversify Your Sources of Income

Diversification is essential for creating and keeping wealth as your income grows. It’s fantastic to have a high-paying job or a thriving business, but what happens if this source of money disappears?

Consider adding numerous streams of income and building each one out to balance where your revenue originates from. Consider rental properties or other innovative sources of income aside from your principal business or occupation.

Quick Ways to Lawfully Make a Millionaire

Above, we discussed the long yet successful path to becoming a millionaire. That is, saving and scrimping as a graduate and then developing a well-balanced and sustainable investment portfolio in your 30s and beyond.

If that does not appeal to you, there are other, more innovative ways to become extremely wealthy in a short period of time:

  • Move abroad: If you have a healthy bank account, you can live like royalty in nations such as India, Mexico, and Thailand.
  • Lotteries, premium bonds, game shows, and competition: Of course, this strategy is entirely dependent on chance. A punt, on the other hand, has paid off handsomely for a very tiny group of people.
  • Career options: The majority of this article has been on investment. However, if you enter a high-paying field or are employed, you can be driving the flash car sooner than you expect.
  • Sell a business: We touched on this briefly, but there’s a lot more to be said about beginning a business, creating value, making sales, and selling it.
  • Matched betting: While we don’t promote gambling because the majority of gamblers end up in debt, matched betting can be a quick way for some to make a lot of money. Check out our matched betting tutorial to learn how to profit without danger.
  • Property development: Adding value to houses is, without question, an excellent strategy to accumulate riches quickly.
  • Inheritance: You probably don’t have much of a choice here. But, just in case, you may always send a Christmas letter to long-lost affluent relatives.

A million pounds isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still more than enough to live comfortably. Making sensible investing decisions will help your money last. Whether you have a couple of tenners or a couple of thousand, think carefully about what you should do with it.

What Makes Someone a Millionaire in the United Kingdom?

A millionaire is a person whose net worth equals or surpasses one million units of currency.

What Job Will Make You a Millionaire the Quickest?

No career guarantees overnight millionaire status owing to industry, location, education, talents, and experience. Bankers, engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, and lawyers are more likely to be millionaires.

Billionaire status requires smart financial decisions and long-term investments, not just a high-paying job.

How Old Is the Average Millionaire in the United Kingdom?

The average UK millionaire age is 58. Many entrepreneurs and business owners become millionaires young, depending on the industry. Being a billionaire at any age takes long-term planning, financial discipline, and wise investments, not luck.

How Much Must I Invest to Become a Millionaire?

The amount of money you’ll need to invest to become a millionaire is determined by where you are in life. Young people may make less money, but they have more time to accumulate wealth and may bear more risk in their investment decisions. If you wait until you’re older to start saving, you’ll have to put away more money each month to achieve the same outcomes.

How Can I Become Rich If I Don’t Have Any Money?

There’s little likelihood of becoming wealthy by doing nothing unless you come from a wealthy family or win the jackpot. To become a millionaire, you’ll need discipline, a plan, and, if required, sound counsel from a qualified expert who can help push you on the right path.


So you’ve learned how to become a millionaire! Remember that becoming a millionaire will not happen suddenly, but it is entirely possible with hard work, dedication, and time.

Keep in mind that there are several lessons to be learned from millionaires that might serve as a guide. Your task now is to develop the mentality and behaviours required to generate meaningful wealth and a seven-figure future.


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