DOG GROOMING BUSINESS PLAN: Templates & Best Easy Guide In 2023

Dog grooming business plan

Do you have a plan to start a dog grooming business in the UK? If you are a lover of dogs and can boast of taking good care of them, then a dog grooming business would fit. Have you made provisions for a dog grooming business plan that would suit both a mobile and saloon grooming option? Not to worry, we have it all in stock. This article will not just teach you how to write a UK dog grooming business plan, it will also provide a sample template and general facts that will guide your path. 

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What Is a Dog Grooming Business Plan?

Whether you are about to launch a dog grooming business or you already own a dog grooming business, having a plan is crucial. A dog grooming business is quite tactful and constant. This is because every dog requires grooming at least twice a year, which keeps you in business. 

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If that is the case, you need a plan that can help you manage your UK dog grooming business effectively. A dog-grooming business plan is designed to be your business’s first impression to investors and business partners. It is also a living document that can track your goals and help you attain them. 

How to Write a Dog Grooming Business Plan

To write a dog grooming business plan, there are some procedures that you will need to follow to help you create a professional plan. They include:

#1. Executive Summary

The executive summary of your dog grooming business plan should be an introduction to your business. It should contain a summary of all the sections that you will include in this business plan. Most of the time, it is even advised to be the last section to write, so you can get everything in detail. Meanwhile, while writing this section, you would need to engage your reader. What is the type of dog grooming business you would be going for? Give an overview of your business and also your target market. Do not forget to mention every section of your business plan. This section is what most readers go for. 

#2. Company Overview

In your company analysis, you will be expected to detail the type of dog grooming business you are venturing into. In the UK market, a dog grooming business comes in three forms and they include:

  • Home Dog Grooming Business

The home dog grooming business is simply when you practice your dog grooming skills from home. This means that you will need to create a space at home where the grooming can always go on. Customers can bring in their dogs and take them back when they are done with grooming. 

  • Mobile dog grooming Business

A mobile dog grooming business is another type of grooming plan option that you can venture into. When you are working as a mobile dog groomer, it means that you will be performing your dog grooming services at your customer’s house or a grooming truck. It will also consist of a lot of travel and skills to be a mobile groomer. If you’re for the mobile dog grooming option, then you would also need to specify it in the company overview section of your business plan.

  • Brick and Mortar Store Grooming Business 

A brick-and-mortar store is another option. This consists of working in a store or a saloon while providing your dog grooming services to your furry friends. This option is the most expensive and yet the most popular form of dog grooming in the UK.

No matter which option you tend to stick with, be it a home, saloon, or mobile service, you should not fail to include it in your dog grooming business plan. You will also include some background information about your business. Points like, when and why you started the business. 

#3. Products And Services

Here you will be describing the type of goods and services you will be offering. Is it just a dog grooming service, or will you provide more products like leashes, bandanas, or dog shampoos? What makes you unique? For example, you can state that you are the only mobile dog grooming company in your town and you always meet your target audience. 

#4. Market Research

Have you done your market research? What are the market’s needs and the gap you intend to fill in the market with your products? You can also mention your competitors in this section. Tell your readers what they offer. What about the pricing? Are your competitors charging the same price as you? Lastly, don’t forget to mention your target customers. Carefully differentiate and state who you are trying to reach with your business. 

#5. Marketing And Advertising

What are your marketing and advertising strategies? You will need to describe the plans you have to attract customers. It can be done through different channels, like launching a digital marketing campaign with social media ads or printing fliers and posters. It may also be in the form of direct mail or reach your local TV or radio providers. You can use some data from your market research to advance your strategy. 

#6. Management Team

You will need a strong management team if you want your dog grooming business to boom. In this section, you will have to highlight your team’s background, their skills,, and what makes them capable of handling the dog grooming business. You can also list down skills that you think will help your business flourish. 

#7. Financial Analysis

Include some important financial information in this section and also include profit projections, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. Your profit projection should include your total revenue minus total expenses. The cash flow statement will also include how much money you need to make during a given period. Your balance sheet is the breakdown of your assets. 

All you need to do in this section is to prove that your business is legalized and qualified for operations to go on. If in any case, you register your business as a corporation, then you will have a separate legal entity that will protect you from personal liability if a customer wants to sue you. 

Dog Grooming Business Plan UK Sample Template 

The essence of a dog grooming business plan sample template for your UK market is to help you track some best practices that can take your business to another level. If you are passionate about your dog business, then these requirements should not be ignored. To make the best use of this UK dog grooming business plan sample template, you must ensure that you carry out all functions. They include:

#1. Research Your Industry

Before you start your dog grooming business, it is important to research your industry so you can effectively break into the market. When you have enough information, you will then calculate how you will run your own business. Don’t you think a mobile dog grooming business is the best plan for you if you live in a town full of old people? These old people will need home services for their dogs.

#2. Choose a Name for Dog Grooming Business

Find a cute name for your furry friends. This section is not supposed to be hard, make it fun and explore all options. 

#3. Pick a Niche

You will need to identify what makes your business different from others so you can survive in a competitive market. Decide if you want a long-haired dog or a short-haired one. Do you want to work with just puppies or adult dogs?

#4. Create a Business Plan

This section is very crucial. To do this, just use the procedures above and get a plan for yourself. You can also use our ready-made dog grooming business plan if you do not wish to go through the stress of writing one. 

#5. Purchase Professional Dog Grooming Equipment

To run your grooming business, you need some necessary equipment. You need scissors, a grooming table, clippers, a de-matting comb, brushes, nail clippers, and a host of others. 

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Taking out time to put together a dog grooming business plan for your company is a good way to invest your time. Most business owners fail to have a plan for their business because they have not experienced the benefits that come with having a plan. With a dog grooming business plan, you will understand the basics of your business and grow a successful business. 


What skills do I need to become a dog groomer?

To become a successful dog groomer, you need to have a love for animals, possess a caring and calming nature, and develop patience, communication and precision. 

How much does a dog grooming business make?

Dog groomer in UK earn between £13,000 and £20,000 a year. If you are a private owner, you can earn more by increasing your working rates. You can even work on weekends or evenings to earn some extra cash.

Do I need a license to run a dog grooming business from home?

No, you do not need a license in the UK to enable you to work from home. But you should note that you will need to observe some licenses and regulations like Health and Safety. 

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No, you do not need a license in the UK to enable you to work from home. But you should note that you will need to observe some licenses and regulations like Health and Safety. 

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