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As a self employed barber, whether you own your shop, or you’re mobile, you need insurance for your business. Barber insurance in the Uk covers public liability, legal protection, equipment cover, etc. In this article, you’ll learn how to get insurance as a mobile barber, including the costs. 

What is The Purpose of Barber Insurance?

Your barber shop provides much more than simply a good ‘do: the dialogue, community, and confidence that a well-run barber shop provides are vital to a customer. Despite its uplifting moments and stable revenue, having a barber shop comes with its own set of risks, including financial threats that might put you out of business if you don’t have the necessary security.

A Barber Shop General Liability Insurance Policy provides financial protection against a wide range of common dangers that your business may face. Even if you work for yourself, Barber Insurance can protect you every time you trim a client’s hair.

Barber Insurance is an essential component of a well-run shop or a prosperous side hustle.

What kind of Business Insurance do Barbers Require?

Choose from the choices below to customize the barbers insurance you require.

Insurance against public liability

If someone is inadvertently hurt at your business, this will pay compensation and medical expenses.

The contents include:

  • Protects your shop’s contents, including your merchandise and shopfront.
  • Employers must have liability insurance.
  • Covers expenses if your employees are harmed or become unwell as a result of their employment for you.

What is covered by Barber Insurance and Liability Insurance?

#1. Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

You’re taking the clippers to a guy’s sideburns, and the whole time, he’s trying to watch the basketball game on the TV in the corner (it’s a big game, to be fair). You respectfully ask him to remain motionless while you swiftly clean up his cut. The ref blows his whistle, your client spins around, your clippers brush his ear, and they draw blood! Time out: he needs stitches and expects you to pay for them. Third-party property damage occurs when you fumble the barbicide-filled bottle while removing your comb and scissors. The blue liquid splatters all over your customer’s briefcase, which contains his laptop. His computer gets some severe water damage, and he asks you to reimburse the costs.

#2. Costs of defence

Your customer is dissatisfied with his haircut just before a significant job interview. You try your best to clean up the cut to meet his expectations, but he’s in a rush. He arrives late for the interview and thus misses out on the opportunity. He lodges a claim against you, claiming that your services caused him to lose this cash opportunity. Even if his claims are finally proven to be false, you will still be required to pay for your defence in court.

#3. Errors and omissions

Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them cost money. You’re having a bad day, and your barber abilities are suffering as a result. Before a televised debate, a contender for Governor visits your barber shop for a haircut. When he asks for a trim, you inadvertently shave his head. He then had to go on live television and address the state with a new and unfavourable appearance. Despite leading in the polls prior to the discussion, he falls out of favour and eventually concedes. If he brings a distress or personal injury suit against you, you may be required to pay for your defence costs, settlement costs, damages, and court fees. It was all due to a case of the Mondays.

Are freelance and mobile barbers covered by barbers’ insurance?

It does, indeed. We have a variety of possibilities. Public liability insurance will protect you if you harm or damage a customer’s property. Even if you don’t have a shop, you’ll have items that need to be safeguarded.

Our business equipment protection will help safeguard your tools of the trade, and if you use a vehicle to go around, we can cover that as well. If you travel from job to work in a car, our commercial motor protection could be useful.

What is the cost of barbers’ insurance?

Your service is unique, so your insurance should be as well. 10% of our barber customers paid £74 or less for their business insurance in 2019. Getting a quote is the easiest method to find out how much your insurance will cost. It will just take a few minutes to find out online, and there is a 10% discount. Choose between a one-time annual payment and monthly payments (subject to acceptance criteria).

Barber Shop Insurance

Running a shop frequently means being on your feet all day, with little time for anything else. With customers constantly going in and out of your shop, you need safety that will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong.

If something unexpected happens, barbers shop insurance can cover you in your daily activities. Barber shop insurance in the UK will typically include liability coverage as well as property protection and a variety of other covers that can be customised to your specific needs.

Accidents happen when you least expect them, but we never anticipate them to happen to us. You could be personally liable to pay compensation or repair damage caused by an unexpected unfortunate incident if you do not have enough protection in place.

Don’t leave anything to chance. If you already know what covers you need and don’t need help with, you can protect your barber shop or mobile barber business online in minutes. Alternatively, contact one of our skilled advisors for bespoke coverage and expert guidance tailored to your company’s needs.

Do I Need Insurance for my Barber Shop?

As a barber, you keep your customers looking smart and fashionable.

You have an eye for a stylish detail when it comes to trimming beards, slicking down side parts, or cutting short back and sides. But you don’t want to put yourself in jeopardy by failing to invest in company insurance.

You’ll need to be safe whether you clip at a client’s house, hire a chair, or establish your own shop.

What if a client comes in for a dye and develops an allergic response as a result of your failure to conduct a patch test? Or what if a shave goes awry and you end up cutting a customer?

Business insurance can assist you in handling the legal and compensation costs of settling a claim, allowing you to avoid paying exorbitant fees out of your own pocket.

We’ll let you build the insurance that’s right for your company, so you only pay for what you need.

What is the cost of Barber Shop Insurance?

The cost of your Barber Shop Insurance Policy is determined by a number of factors. Your zip code, coverage limit, team size, and duration of coverage all play a role in determining the risk associated with insuring your barber shop business.

Thimble, on the other hand, does not require you to commit to lengthy, costly plans. Through the Thimble app, you can get flexible barber shop insurance and personalise your coverage down to the month, day, or hour. Furthermore, if you need to add Additional Insureds, you may do so at no extra expense with Thimble.

Get a quotation from Thimble to get an actual estimate of how much barber shop insurance would cost you and your business.

How soon can I obtain a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is required to prove the details of your Barber Insurance Policy. A Certificate of Insurance is a document that confirms your coverage as well as all of the specifics of what it entails. It is also known as COI. Most policyholders utilize their Certificates of Insurance to demonstrate to potential clients that they have their own coverage.

With Thimble, you may instantly access a Certificate of Insurance via the app. You can also get as many as you want for free. On-demand access to your proof of insurance will help you beef up your barber shop coverage and quickly reference your policy specifics.

Is it necessary for me to get my own Barber Insurance if I am self employed?

Unless you work solely as an employee of the barber shop where you work, you must obtain your own Barber Insurance Policy. For example, if you rent a seat at a neighborhood barbershop, you must obtain your own barber insurance because you are technically self employed. Even if you are a full-time employee of a barbershop, any side gigs and one-time barber projects you perform outside of your day job can only be covered by your own additional Barber Insurance Policy.

Insurance for a Mobile Barber 

If you rent a chair or work as a mobile barber in the UK, freelance barber insurance is primarily meant to cover you and your clients. When you visit clients’ homes or operate in someone else’s shop, you need to be protected in case something goes wrong.

Public liability insurance and treatment cover should be the cornerstone of your barber insurance policy, with other covers such as employers’ liability, legal protection, equipment cover, and personal accident cover included in.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right cover in the midst of a hectic work schedule. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you to compare policies and prices from some of the leading UK barber insurance companies online in just a few minutes. It is quick and easy to obtain quality business protection.


On a daily basis, you face a variety of risks as a barber, such as working with sharp scissors and clippers or maintaining expensive equipment. Because your company is important, you should do everything you can to protect it with the proper insurance.

If you already know what covers you want and don’t need advice, get a quotation online immediately and protect your barber business from the unexpected. Accidents happen when you least expect them, but the correct barber’s insurance may provide you with peace of mind and protection in the event that something unforeseen occurs.

Barber Insurance FAQs

What insurance does a self employed barber need?

The types of insurance a self employed barber should consider are:

  • Property insurance.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Legal expenses insurance.
  • Personal accident insurance.

What insurance do you need as a mobile barber?

The essential insurance for any mobile barber is Public liability insurance. It covers injury or damage to a third-party or their property, such as causing a burn when using dye on a client’s hair.

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