How to Become an Uber Driver UK: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to become uber driver
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We’ve compiled the most critical information to help you become an Uber driver in London, from joining up with Uber and completing your PCO licence application to meeting the PHV licence criteria and securing PHV insurance.

This process may appear confusing and burdensome, but we are here to assist. You will be one step ahead with our adaptable article.

How Do I Go About It?

It is no secret that Uber drivers benefit from the freedom of working whenever and whenever they want. This level of autonomy and freedom is uncommon in occupations. This line of work can be customised to your individual requirements. Most significantly, Uber drivers have a wonderful possibility to earn extra money in addition to any previous commitments they may have.

Furthermore, longer journeys have the potential to dramatically boost income chances. These are more expensive since they take more time and cover more distances. We should also highlight that by accepting trips during busy times, you can earn even more money from the increased charges.

We’ve outlined the most important actions you need to do to become an Uber driver below. In addition, we have outlined the necessary documents as well as the key processes for these.

Sign up to Uber

To begin, you must register for the Uber app online. You will be needed to fill out a short form with your personal information in order to do so. The form will also require you to confirm whether or not you own a car. Make some tea and schedule a time during the day to go over this.

After that, you must install the Uber app on your smartphone. This is possible through your mobile phone’s app store. You should be able to download this if you have a contemporary iPhone or Android handset. The Uber app is available for free download.

It is also worth mentioning that you can sign up for and attend an Uber Ignition appointment. During this meeting, you will be given information based on your specific needs. For example, a list of objects and documentation that must be provided.

Uber Driver and Vehicle Requirements

To become an authorised Uber driver, you must have the following qualifications:

  • A modern smartphone or tablet
  • Uber’s smartphone app
  • A private hire permit
  • A vehicle that qualifies
  • An active bank account in which to deposit your earnings

To run an Uber taxi service, you must first obtain a private hire licence. This licence must be issued by a local government or council that has authorised Uber to operate in its territory. The amount of time it takes to obtain a private hire licence will vary depending on where you live in the UK, as will the sum you must pay. So keep this in mind before embarking on your Uber driver training. Many taxi drivers who also operate as private hire drivers for another company or on a self-employed basis are likely to already have the required licence.

Uber does, however, provide its own guidance on how to obtain a private hire licence in the United Kingdom, specifically in London. A DBS enhanced background check is required to obtain a private hire driver’s licence. The Disclosure and Barring Service provides this security check.

Both you as an Uber driver and your vehicle must match the eligibility requirements.

Drivers must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Possess a valid UK driver’s licence (EU licences must be converted before proceeding with the onboarding procedure).
  • Have the required driving experience. The number of years varies based on the city, for example, London requires a minimum of three years of driving experience.

Any vehicle used for Uber should be no older than 2008. It makes no difference if your automobile is in excellent condition and is from 2005. Furthermore, the local Uber team in each town/city can provide you with any additional vehicle specifications that must be met in order to operate within a certain district.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t possess an automobile. Uber’s Vehicle Solutions project offers a solution to this problem. Those interested in the initiative can choose from a variety of rental and financing alternatives. Uber also has a partner company called PartnerPoint, which provides drivers with discounts on car rentals and leases.

So you’ve obtained your private hire licence. In addition, you will require the following paperwork for yourself and your vehicle.

Personal documents:

  • National Insurance number
  • Original plastic UK driving licence
  • Electronic Counterpart code
  • PCO Paper Licence (you will need to bring this with you to your scheduled visit)

Vehicle documents:

  • PHV licence
  • Log book / new keepers slip
  • MOT (this should be issued within the last six months)
  • Private hire insurance certificate

It’s helpful to know that the car paperwork stated above can be taken with you to your appointment or uploaded later when you’ve collected them all. So don’t worry if you can’t get something right away; the important thing is that you’re working on it.

Attend the in-person Consultation

The next step is to set up and attend the in-person meeting. You will be able to activate your Uber account at this time. You must bring all essential documentation to this appointment. This appointment can be scheduled online at a convenient time and day.

Uber has offices in Brighton, Cardiff, London, and Manchester, among other places.

How Do I Become a London Uber Driver?

Uber operates in some of the most popular areas in the UK, including London, Leeds, Manchester, and Merseyside. In addition to the Midlands, Uber’s services are widely used in the East and North East of England.

Additional conditions must be satisfied by anyone who wishes to work as an Uber driver in London.

In addition to the regular Uber criteria, you must additionally have a Transport for London (TfL) private hire licence. This is known as a PCO licence, which stands for Public Carriage Office.

You will be able to apply for this on its own, or you can apply for a London PCO through Uber’s Ignition programme. There are a variety of sessions available depending on whether you already hold a private hire licence. This includes an introductory session, as well as further support sessions to guide applicants through the whole process.

You might also want to think about PCO insurance as an alternative to Uber or private hire insurance.

Uber Ignition is a free programme that gives drivers with the necessary information to obtain the necessary TfL licence. The programme provides in-person assistance at a London centre.

A medical examination and an English language test are required as part of the application process for a private hire licence. More information on these, as well as the processes required, may be found on the Uber London Ignition page.

Purchase Insurance

AXA provides insurance alternatives to eligible Uber drivers and delivery partners. You can also purchase private hire vehicle insurance on your own.

Once you’ve agreed on coverage, you must upload your Insurance Certificate or Temporary Cover Note to Uber’s platform.

Begin Driving

Uber refers to drivers as “partners,” while passengers are referred to as “riders.” To accept a trip and collect a rider, go through the following steps:

  • Open the app
  • Select ‘go’
  • The app will partner you with a nearby rider
  • Collect the rider

With a swipe, you can accept a journey request. While you get paid for each trip you take, you will receive your profits (less Uber’s costs) via automatic installments on a weekly basis.

How Do I Get a PCO Licence?

The Public Carriage Office (PCO) is a department of Transport for London (TfL). The PCO licence is a necessary document that allows you to drive for Uber or other ride-hailing applications in London. It’s essentially a driver’s licence for you. The actual name is Private Hire Driver Licence (PCO licence), although most people just refer to it as a PCO licence. Don’t be perplexed by this.

The following are the general steps you must take:

#1. Have the following documents ready

  • Passport
  • UK driver’s licence (with at least 3 years of driving experience)
  • National insurance number
  • Proof of address (bank statement/utility bill dated within the last 3 months)
  • Your debit or credit card to make the necessary payments
  • DVLA Check Code a.k.a. Electronic Counterpart Code (you can generate this here)
  • Additional documents if you have changed your name or lived abroad over the last 3 years

#2. Complete an enhanced DBS check

You must conduct an enhanced background check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as part of your PCO application. A DBS check is required for private hire drivers since it assesses whether you are fit to drive in public and makes your prospective passengers feel safer.

#3. Schedule a medical examination.

Fill out the Private Hire Medical Form. Print the TPH/204 medical form and have it signed by your primary care physician. If your doctor does not provide the eye test, you will have to go somewhere else.

#4. Obtain a work permit.

You must confirm that you are legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom. After submitting the PCO licence application, you will be required to complete an online check done by TfL on the government website. If something is unclear, you may be asked to supply additional papers for a manual review. If you have lived outside the UK for three months or more in the last three years, you must complete the Living and Working Abroad form.

#5. Register with HMRC

As a new applicant, you must demonstrate that you understand HMRC guidance on your tax obligations in the UK by completing a tax check guidance form.

#6. Finish the Safeguarding awareness training course.

You must first complete the online Safeguarding Awareness training course before taking the English test. This course offers critical information about protecting children and vulnerable adults from violence and abuse, a topic covered by the TfL English test’s SERU assessment.

#7. Take the TfL English test

TfL demands a decent level of English to be an Uber driver in London. To demonstrate your abilities, you must complete a two-part test:

The SERU (safety, equality, and regulatory requirements) evaluation is used to measure reading and writing ability, as well as comprehension of safety and equality issues.

The speaking and listening evaluation is used to test conversational abilities.

#8. Take the Transport for London topographical test.

Make sure to submit your PCO application online before beginning this level. After submitting your Private Hire Driver licence application, you will be requested to take a topography (map-reading) test with TfL.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Uber Driver?

Your status will change from’signed-up’ to ‘active’ within a few hours of the final documentation being cleared, and you will officially become an Uber Driver. This is the stage at which you can start earning extra money as an Uber PCO driver.

How Much Does it Cost to Become an Uber Driver?

What you require. To be an Uber driver, you must have a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licence. This is normally paid for through your local municipality and costs roughly £100, though this varies depending on where you reside. Make certain that you do not use a clone website for this.

How Much do Uber Drivers Make in UK?

In the United Kingdom, the average uber driver income is £36,500 per year, or £18.72 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at £29,250 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to £78,000 per year.

How Do Uber drivers Get paid?

If you put money onto your debit card, you’ll usually get your money right away. Processing timeframes for transferring earnings to a bank account can vary based on your bank. Some banks may take several days to release your funds.

Do You Need to Own a Car to be an Uber driver?

It’s vital to understand that even if you don’t own a car, you can still become an Uber driver. There are numerous plans available to help you get started and behind the wheel, ranging from’rent to purchase a car’ to ‘PCO auto hire’. To get started, all you need is a driver’s licence and a PCO licence!


You were undoubtedly wondering at the start of this post, ‘How do I become an Uber driver?’ We’ve covered the major processes and tasks required in becoming an Uber driver, from receiving your private hire permit to accepting rider requests, in this tutorial.


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